Duvernay is a neighborhood in Laval, Quebec.

The neighborhood was named in honor of Ludger Duvernay.

The name of this neighborhood was formalized on May 12, 1968.

The Duvernay district is located in the east of the city of Laval. It surrounds the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul district and is surrounded by the Saint-François district to the northeast. It is surrounded on the west by the Auteuil, Vimont and Pont-Viau districts. Today, Duvernay is the largest district in the city of Laval in Quebec in terms of surface area, before Saint-François-de-Laval.

Duvernay is a former municipality of Île Jésus, formed from the former parish municipality of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. The district inherited the territory of the parish municipality of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul which was not part of the village of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul.