Clinique ChiroLaval Sainte-Dorothée


Sainte-Dorothée is a neighbourhood in the west of Laval, Quebec.

It is named in honor of Dorothée de Césarée.

On August 9, 1869, the municipality of Sainte-Dorothée was constituted by a detachment of the municipality of the parish of Saint-Martin.

The municipality of the parish of Sainte-Dorothée had already divided in 1947; facing the possibility of a tax increase, the village of Sainte-Dorothée was incorporated as a municipality. Twelve years later, in 1959, the municipalities of the parish and the village of Sainte-Dorothée were reunited and formed the town of Sainte-Dorothée.

The area is generally made up of residential neighbourhoods and agricultural and wooded areas. However, there are several large commercial centers along Highway 13. Sainte-Dorothée includes the majority of the only permanent agricultural areas on the West Island.

The Chiro Laval clinic has been established on Samson Boulevard in Sainte-Dorothée for 20 years. Dr. Lachance, chiropractor, lives there with his wife and daughter.