I congratulate you for taking the decision to take care of your health.

I am Dr. Daniel Lachance, your chiropractor in Laval.

Chiropractic care is based on the fact that our brain communicates with the rest our body through our spinal cord.

When the nerve impulse is not at its best, it creates all kinds of consequences on our health. Spinal pain is one of the most common consequences that lead people towards chiropractor care.

When a vertebra does not work properly, it irritates the nervous system. This is called a subluxation in chiropractic language. It is also referred to as “vertebral subluxation complex”. These subluxations are extremely common.

People come see me usually to relieve pain. Did you know that most people have subluxations without knowing it?

This makes their spine degenerate without them noticing. That’s why I encourage everyone to get tested periodically whether they’re hurting or not. Therefore, I recommend to have their loved ones examined as well.